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That Vape Place was established in Crawfordville, FL to assist people in quitting smoking through electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vapors. Owners Mike and Debbie Keller are passionate in their belief that e-cigarettes can save lives. The store provides a casual, informative atmosphere for vapers to try new products and taste a variety of e-juice flavors before purchase.

Visit our New Store:

We have opened a new store for Crawfordville, FL vapers to enjoy. That Vape Place Too is located at 1606 Crawfordville Highway. With a variety of new products on display, our second store captures perfectly the comfortable atmosphere of our first one. We look forward to vaping with you in either shop soon!

That Vape Place Too Store FrontThat Vape Place Interior

Reasons You Should Try E-Cigarette:

  • Cheaper Than Cigarettes
  • Control Over the Amount of Nicotine
  • No Need for Lighters or Matches
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Several Flavors to Choose From

Taste E-Juice Flavors Today

That Vape Place is located on Highway 319 just past the center of Crawfordville, FL. Vapers and those who want to start vaping can stop by. We have dozens of flavors of e-juice that you can try in our tasting room. If you need more information, call us at (850) 926-1954.

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